Not dead... Can't quit!

You never know when the shit will hit the fan!
Discover how to survive and THRIVE no matter how bat-shit crazy the world gets!

First an important lesson. And that is this... 

Your Safety is Your Own Responsibility 

Because fact is you never know when the shit will hit the fan. 

  • Did anyone think the capital city of Kabul would be overrun in a matter of days? No! 

  • Did anyone expect riots, arson, and looting in major US cities last summer? No! 

  • Did anyone ever imagine the entire world would lockdown like a prison due to a virus? No! 

This is a HUGE lesson not to put your safety in the hands of politicians, police, or even the military. 

Because even if they are well meaning and want to help you... It may turn out they can't. 

So you ALWAYS need to look out for #1. Own your safety. 

Now think about this... Some of the people left behind in Afghanistan eventually made it out on their own.


Self Reliance! 

They had planned ahead and had escape routes, money, and supplies all ready to go at a moments notice. 

Now you might say... But Mark, I'm never going to be in a hostile country where that could happen. 

Then you'd be missing the point. 

What if you live in California and a wildfire started and raced toward your house at 2AM? 

What if you are traveling in a 'safe' foreign country and a virus from China sweeps the world and you get trapped for weeks or months? 

What if riots broke out in your city and your home or business was threatened? 

How would you handle it? 

Have you at this moment planned for the possible chaos caused by natural disasters, economic shocks, or mostly peaceful rioting & looting? 

What would you do?


How do you mentally prepare? 

How do you physically prepare? 

Last year during the peak of all the covid chaos I did an online training on this topic. 

It was called "Life During Wartime -- Training For Life In Chaotic Times" 

If you missed it last time, this is your chance to get access to this training. 

This training is focused on how I can help you toughen up... mentally and physically!

Here's just some of what you'll discover... 

  • How to Survive and THRIVE - no matter how much shit hits the fans! 
  • How To Develop Mental Toughness and Courage - So you can spot opportunities and prosper while others flounder and fail! 
  • How To Handle Fear, Stress, & Anxiety - You control it instead of it controlling you! 
  • How To Develop Situational Awareness - So you NEVER get caught off-guard! 
  • How To Develop Situational Courage - So you take the RIGHT ACTION instead of the wrong reaction! 
  • How To Take A Hit - Mentally and Physically! 
  • Not Dead - Can't Quit! - How to develop the Renegade Mindset to propel you forward no matter what the challenge. 
  • How To Create Your Mental Force Field - So you can breakthrough the relentless fear mongering found across all media! 
  • Secrets To Setting Goals AND Taking Action - So you are in MOTION not stuck in meditation!

This is a 'do the drills - get the skills' training.

So each module has homework designed to install these skills in your subconscious.

So you don't have to think... you just react naturally. It becomes a part of who you are.

You stay calm under pressure.

In control of your emotions and making good decisions based on the current situation.

This is how you thrive in chaotic times.

And to make sure you focus on the 'Thrive', I'm including these Renegade Lifestyle bonus videos...

BONUS #1 - Renegade Lifestyle Video: The Importance of Being Mentally Clear So you can spot opportunities and prosper while others flounder and fail! [Value $45] 

BONUS #2 - Renegade Lifestyle Video: Identify Your Drug We humans all have ways we 'drug ourselves', when things get difficult. Discover yours and eliminate it. [Value $45] 

BONUS #3 - Renegade Lifestyle Video: Don’t Rush Into Any Major Decisions How you can make good decisions even if your world is going to hell. [Value $45] 

BONUS #4 - Renegade Lifestyle Video: Body Shape and Changing Costume Build a body that is fit and ready for activity, even if you have a busy life. And the significance of how you choose to look. [Value $45] 

BONUS #5 - Renegade Lifestyle Video: No Normal Days Discover how to move through the world with an attitude and perception drastically different than the 'average' normal person! [Value $45] 

Boys With Toys Induction

The legendary Boys With Toys trance induction will install the critical beliefs and attitudes of an elite warrior so that your unconscious mind will serve and protect you! 

Recently remixed with the trance  inducing music of master musician Denver Clay.  [Value $29]

More than just how to survive, this is about how you can also thrive in chaotic times. (Like now!) 

If this sounds like something you could use... fill out the order form below to get started now.

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"Really good stuff! Everyone needs to hear this."

- Rono Rodriques
"Thank you for being out there and helping us to grow into our best selves. Life just keeps getting better!"
- Bruce Ursula
"Excellent course, excellent experience, excellent group - thanks!"
- Gareth
"You’re the best Mark! Thank you! See you on the flip side..."
- Jason S.
"Wow! That was SO amazing - too bad it's over. The influence of just being around you takes me up a notch each week."
- Ron L.
"I have to admit that my life is infused with this stuff. There is no way around the thoughts, ideas, and the curiosity about how life can be after doing all the things you told us."
- Simon Vester.

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Life During Wartime

The Life During Wartime training program. The complete 11 module course and supplementary materials. [$600 Value]

BONUS: Renegade Lifestyle Video: The Importance of Being Mentally Clear [$45 Value]

BONUS: Renegade Lifestyle Video: Identify Your Drug [$45 Value]

BONUS: Renegade Lifestyle Video: Don’t Rush Into Any Major Decisions [$45 Value]

BONUS: Renegade Lifestyle Video: Body Shape and Changing Costume [$45 Value]

BONUS: Renegade Lifestyle Video: No Normal Days [$45 Value]

SPECIAL BONUS: The Marknosis Journaling Method [$25 Value]

SPECIAL BONUS: The Legendary Boys With Toys Induction [$29 Value]

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