What If You Had A Proven Method For Giving Women
The 2 Things They Want, Need, & Crave Most?

If you've ever felt like there's no way you could ever understand women... you're not alone. Most guys find women more confusing than chinese algebra.

But what if you not only knew exactly what they want and NEED most, and you had a proven method to satisfy those needs?

A method that is effective and easily learned. And works with ALL women.

Something any guy could learn and immediately use.

And gives you a you a sense of self confidence and assurance that makes you stronger, more relaxed and unafraid.

Even more important… women LOVE it!

That's what Essential Renegade Hypnosis is all about.

This is THE SHORTCUT to making a woman feel the most powerful pleasurable  emotions and sensations she's ever had.

As one woman put it... "It's indescribably addictive!"

I walk you through the process step-by-step.

Imagine how confident with your new understanding of what women need, want, and crave most... and your new skills to satisfy them and make her life amazing!

Plus These New Bonuses

Bonus #1: Trance In The First Place

The process of using Trance begins with having the experience in the first place. This induction trains you to quickly and easily slip into a dreamy, relaxing, and pleasurable state of Trance.

Bonus #2: Core Beliefs Of A Renegade Hypnotist

This training reveals the beliefs I found most useful in my long and wildly successful career as a Renegade Hypnotist.

Bonus #3: Basic Renegade Hypnotic Technique
Includes compliance tests, conversational suggestions for setting the frame, establishing the 'hypnotic contract', and a complete session demo with explanation of the steps. Plus how to do a post-hypnotic interview with conversational suggestions.

Bonus #4: How To Find Women Who Want To Be Hypnotized
Discover a simple system that will provide an endless stream of women who want to have the experience of being hypnotized. This system has been used in 30+ countries around the world.

Special Bonus!
The Renegade Hypnotist's
Secrets To Success

Bonus #5: The Nature of Hypnotic Influence
Hypnotic influence is the core of what we do. The true nature of hypnotic influence is deconstructed and mapped out so you can exert the raw power of influence... anywhere... anytime. After all, why would you ever want to turn it off?

Bonus #6: Setting The Pleasure Trigger
You will discover how to set a 'trigger' you can use to flood their mind and body with massive pleasure sensations. This is absolutely fundamental to Renegade Hypnosis, and the secret that leads to full body hypnotic orgasms.

Bonus #7: When to Do Negativity Clearing
Also known as "clearing out the crap" -- clearing negative thoughts/emotions is useful because there can be things in a person's life that bother them and remain unresolved. Sometimes these act as a road block to your work. Discover how to recognize when to use Negativity Clearing techniques.

Bonus #8: No Normal Days
I reveal how to move through the world with an attitude and perception drastically different than the 'average' normal person. So you can enjoy the kind of lifestyle normal people only dream about.

Bonus #9: The Renegade Revolution
The name of the game is influence! There are a huge number of resources in our modern world dedicated to controlling you by controlling your mind. Discover how to use your knowledge of Hypnotic Influence to be a PLAYER instead of a pawn.

Here's My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Try it out for 90 days and do exactly what I tell you in this program. If women aren’t going into trance and responding with waves of pleasure… I’ll give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked and no hassles.
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What You Get:

The complete Renegade 7-Step Hypnotic Conditioning System Guaranteed to get Results

BONUS: How To Find Women Who Want To Be Hypnotized

BONUS: Core Beliefs Of A Renegade Hypnotist

BONUS: Trance In The First Place (Hypnotic Induction)

BONUS: Basic Renegade Hypnotic Technique

BONUS: Success Secrets Of A Renegade Hypnotist (5 videos)

BONUS: Foolproof Hypnotic Trance & Conditioning With Pleasure Guides

Access to my Private Facebook Coaching Group.

A 90-day, no questions asked, iron-clad 100% money back guarantee. If you think it's not for you, then I'll buy it back!

Learning from Mark has changed my life in ways I can't even begin to describe. Not only will you learn how to give women pleasure in ways they have never imagined, you'll also discover that these tools can be used to make your own life better and to become a very influential man with everyone you meet. Just heed Mark's warning that you MUST become "comfortable with power"!

Hugh Cole, Dallas TX

More pleasure & adrenaline than I've felt in years! I've adopted a new "moral code"... Do no harm, and pursue and spread joy & pleasure. I recommend it to everyone.
John Blake, Oxfordshire UK